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ICC Great start !
Jan 24, 10 4:27 PM
Toc 10 cleared!
Jan 18, 10 4:01 PM
Service Updates
Welcome to:   Made to Win!

Made to Win is a new started guild on Ahn'qiraj!
People from other servers migged to be in our guild, so most of em know eachother but it's really easy to get to know em :)

We have a ventrilo for raids,fun,instances etc !

Wanna apply?
Head over to the forum/General/Apply and u will get all the info there !

// Officers of made to win !
Other Guild News

ICC Great start !

Pinkname, Jan 24, 10 4:27 PM.
Just had our first ICC raid and it went great!

4/8  *No whipes*

Great job lads !

Toc 10 cleared!

Pinkname, Jan 18, 10 4:01 PM.
Toc 10 cleared !

Just had our first raid *2010/01/18* Toc 10, Cleared it on the first try! Gj guys

Also cleared Ony 10 *More dots* on the first try ! Gj there aswell lads!

Will post more news when we have some :)

Have a great day!

// Made to Win *Pinkname*
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